What to Consider When Hiring an IT Provider

By Superior Blogger | Published February 3, 2012

In today’s economic climate, more and more businesses are partnering with technology providers to satisfy their strategic and tactical business requirements. Investing in IT projects and services on an as-needed basis contributes to a positive bottom-line, and allows organizations the ability to utilize highly-skilled teams to target individual opportunities or issues.

However, trouble can abound by partnering with the wrong IT firm. Superior Technology Solutions lends some tips on how to go about searching for and screening a technology provider. With the proper research and time, you can find a quality provider that will meet all of your business requirements with cost-effective, quality results.

Strong Business Focus & Skills

An effective IT partner will possess strong business process optimization skills and experience. Your IT partner should not only be able to address your immediate requirements, but should also be able to identify additional opportunities to enhance your business. An IT partner with strong experience in your industry will also enable you to benchmark yourself against competitors and leverage existing solutions within your industry.

Full Range of Skills

Be sure your IT partner can offer a full range of technology skill sets and solutions. There is nothing more frustrating than when an IT provider needs to bring in additional IT firms, and no one takes ownership of a full solution and on-going support becomes an issue. Select an IT partner that is not restricted to a specific software or hardware provider. IT partners should not be limited by a specific type of technology—they should provide you with the most efficient and cost-effective solutions possible for your business.

Your Point of Contact

Being able to communicate with your IT partner whenever required is critical. It’s very important to ask who your assigned point of contact will be. Ask to meet them, and inquire about their experience level and time with the firm. Oftentimes, IT providers will sell customers on the collective experience of a team that they will have little or no contact with.

  • Ask who will be managing your account, and arrange to meet them. Do you feel confident in the person with whom you’ll be interfacing?
  • Ask if you will be given a cell phone or emergency contact number for problems that may arise on evenings or weekends.


It’s very important to ask for references from a potential IT provider. Of course the company would not share the contact information of  unsatisfied clients. However, when speaking with past and present clients, ask specific questions such as:

  • What did you hire (company) to accomplish, and were you satisfied with their performance?
  • Did you encounter any roadblocks or issues while working together? If so, what were they?
  • Who did you interface with at (company)?
  • Would you hire (company) again if you have future IT needs?

With specific questions on how to hire an IT provider, or to learn what Superior Technology Solutions can do for you, please visit www.SuperiorTechnology.com or call us at 845-735-3555.

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