What’s in iOS 9?

By supertech01 | Published July 22, 2015

In early June, Apple held its annual Worldwide Developers Conference which featured major announcements for its core operating systems including OS X, iOS and even its new WatchKit. iOS, now at version 9, introduces several compelling new capabilities that are worth a closer look.

News App

Apple announced that it will produce its own news app, native to the operating system. It’s an interesting step for Apple as they have traditionally relied on news outlets to deliver their own apps and content to users. Now, news outlets will have the ability to present content in a centralized app with Apple handling curation via user preferences and browsing habits.

iPad Multitasking

The iPad is getting a major boost toward increased productivity by allowing users to more easily switch between applications without fully departing an application. With features called “Slide Over” and “Split View,” users can easily operate in multiple screens at once.  Users can watch live game updates while drafting an email or editing a document?


Apple’s Passbook has been around since iOS 6 and since last September,  the app houses forms of payment for Apple Pay. The app is getting a “re-brand” and will now be called, more appropriately, Wallet. Apple Pay will now also support the cards of various retailers in addition to bank-issued credit and debit cards.

Behind the Scenes

Playing to the audience of developers, Apple also announced significant changes “under the hood” of iOS to enhance performance of apps and the user experience overall. Things like faster upgrades, easier migration from Android, better battery management and increased security (passcodes will now be six characters instead of four) are all included in iOS that the tech media expects to arrive in September along with a new iPhone.

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