What’s So Special About Docker?

By supertech01 | Published March 25, 2015

You may have seen media accounts of the amazing uptake by some of the major players in enterprise software: Google, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft are among those that have been taking advantage of products from a young upstart company called Docker.

Docker is a new container to house applications on servers in a much more efficient manner. Before Docker, moving an application from the development phase on one’s desktop, to testing on another machine, to live availability or production, was an unavoidable hassle. Docker does all the dirty work of creating a virtual package for an application so that it can be easily moved without losing code in the process.

Container technology has been around for a long time, but Docker has made it simple. According to a recent survey of 930 technical professionals conducted by RightScale, 13 percent of organizations used Docker in its first year of availability and 35 percent are planning to use it.

With the benefit of faster and less risky deployment of applications, it’s no wonder that developers are embracing this technology so quickly and Docker is free to those who want to use it! As a result, Docker is relying on venture funding until it figures out the best way to commercialize the vast install base that continues to grow.

Docker support is quickly becoming a standard part of the leading cloud services like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. We certainly think it’s worth a look, particularly if implementation is as easy as many are touting. With questions about Docker and your business, contact Superior Technology online at www.superiortechnology.com or by phone at 845-735-3555


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