Securing Your Wireless Network

By supertech01 | Published September 14, 2016

Offices that rely solely on wired networking for workstations have become rare. Wireless access points allow employees to be more free-wheeling with their laptops in conference rooms, offices, or near the foosball table. This freedom for employees and even guests is not without risk, of course.  … Read More

Content Filters for Your Business

By supertech01 | Published August 17, 2016

The need to prevent unauthorized content from coming into your business has been a challenge since the early days of web and email. In response, organizations have relied on networking solutions like proxy servers and firewalls to prevent unwanted traffic into and out of their networks.… Read More

Superior CMS: Dynamic Apps Made Easy

By supertech01 | Published July 28, 2016

Many companies have mobile applications on their To Do List but don’t know where to begin. Building an effective app from scratch requires a lot of research and planning, and without proper guidance, it’s easy to feel lost.
The Superior Technology team has extensive experience designing, developing, and implementing Custom Mobile and Web Applications.… Read More

Data Leak Prevention – What You Should Know

By supertech01 | Published July 14, 2016

Businesses face many information security risks that must be balanced with the need for information to flow, enabling business productivity. Between mobile devices, remote data centers and cloud-based applications, there’s no longer a well-defined security perimeter. Instead of fixed devices and endpoints, there’s a constant state of flux.… Read More

Mobile Data Breaches – Are You at Risk?

By supertech01 | Published May 25, 2016

Mobile data breaches are far more common than many of us may think. In fact, a recent study by the Ponemon Institute showed that a whopping 67% of organizations were “certain or likely that their organization had a data breach as a result of employees using their mobile devices to access the company’s sensitive and confidential information.” Wow!… Read More