Network Management and Security Considerations for a Mobile Environment

By Superior Blogger | Published February 25, 2013

Managing mobile devices in the workplace has become a major challenge to businesses. It is practically impossible for IT departments to manage and monitor the unprecedented security risks and threats posed by mobile devices. Given the business benefits of mobility, this… Read more »

Mobile Apps for Business Collaboration

By Superior Blogger | Published February 7, 2013

The explosion of mobile devices in people’s lives and the workplace has encouraged businesses to take advantage of an always-connected workforce (see our previous entry on BYOD here) in new and more efficient ways. Using mobile devices for collaboration –… Read more »

The Importance of an Internet Usage Policy in the Workplace

By Superior Blogger | Published January 29, 2013

While there are many technical solutions available for monitoring and filtering employees’ internet usage, a good Internet Usage Policy is essential for the effective control and management of internet usage throughout the workplace. It defines the standards of appropriate internet… Read more »

Considerations for Migrating Your Organization to Windows 8

By Superior Blogger | Published January 17, 2013

Windows 8 was released on October 26, 2012 to much fanfare, touting its new “Metro” interface, hundreds of new features and use across both PC and tablet devices. The Windows 8 operating system appears to be a reaction to the… Read more »

Considerations When Adopting a BYOD Strategy

By Superior Blogger | Published December 19, 2012

Organizations that plan to embrace the recent wave of workers bringing devices from home can benefit from the natural productivity gains of having users’ preferred devices accessing corporate systems. However, there is serious risk and the considerations below should be… Read more »

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